Benguela Cove Wine Pairings: Choose Loaded Oysters or Chocolate!

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benguela oysters wine
Benguela Cove loaded oysters and wine pairing

ltr oysters benguela cove
Four loaded oysters tasters with wine at Benguela Cove

Benguela Cove Wine Estate, outside Hermanus, is a red hot destination for wine lovers and foodies.

Two top new experiences to try are the Wine & Oyster Pairing priced @ R175 pp. This includes four oysters prepared in four different ways to match the intrinsic qualities of four different wines in the Benguela Cove range. There is also the Sweet Senses option at R160pp, with 5 different handmade chocolates paired with estate wine.

oysters benguela cove sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Oysters and wine at Benguela Cove

4 oysters benguela cove sonia cabano blog eatdrinckapetown
Marvellous morsels: loaded oysters and wine, Benguela Cove

The Benguela Cove Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2016 is paired with a pineapple pickled oyster served with celery. The Semillon tames the vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with a creamy note that echoes the texture of the oyster. Whilst hints of celery highlights the fynbos nuances in the wine, pineapple adds a sweet yet tangy edge to the delicious medley of citrus and green apple.

The Benguela Cove Chardonnay 2016 has a certain opulence and richness which needs that extra texture and weight when paired with food. The fried oyster is the perfect match, set off against the zingy and slightly quirky addition of a spicy three bean salad that underpins its flinty notes.

The moreish combination of the Benguela Cove Pinot Noir 2015 and the baked oyster is a match made in lagoon heaven. The richness of the baked oyster enhances the velvety character of the wine; the Cremona Blue Cheese highlights its earthy notes and candied bacon helps the red fruit leap from the glass.

Over to a heavier red and on the contrary not an obvious choice with an oyster, the Benguela Cove Collage 2015 ends this experience on a high note. The fresh oyster is gently smoked before dressed with a bone marrow emulsion and tangy diced beetroot. This smokin’ combination is both adventurous and contrasting with the richness of the bone marrow with this bold red leaving a soft velvety finish in your mouth.

benguela cove executive chef annie badenhorst
Benguela Cove Executive Chef Annie Badenhorst


Wine lovers are spoilt for choice with a large choice of chocolate & wine parings. Even thought the tannins in both red wine and dark chocolate may cause these two not to marry well sometimes, people still love the combination.

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate have launched their take on chocolate and wine called Sweet Senses – a tasting journey that includes the basic tastes of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and umami (savouriness). The Sweet Senses tasting is priced @ R160pp.

These five tastings suggest the sublime balance between food and wine. The tasting is also set up to honour the special terroir and sustainability at the Estate while giving the guest a bespoke chocolate and wine experience.

Sweet Senses:

The tasting includes a macaroon, a chocolate rock and three chocolates presented on a soil made from dark chocolate, sea salt, nori and olive crackling as a bow to the terroir and environment.

  1. Ode to the Fynbos: Dark green macaroon with apple ganache, fynbos jelly and dried pineapple, served with a tasting of the Benguela Cove Sauvignon Semillon 2016. The sweet & sour combination of the macaroon highlights the fruit in the wine that shares a similar earthy character. Guests are encouraged to tear off a piece of pineapple to add acidity or dip a finger into the soil if they want some extra sweet, salt or bitter notes.
  2. Benguela Boulder: This chocolate boulder celebrates the estate’s proximity to the ocean ­­- milk chocolate with Turkish apricots, hazelnuts and edible moss. This is accompanied by a tasting of Benguela Cove Chardonnay 2016 that mirrors the tangy apricots with a nutty hem that trails behind.
  3. Pretty Perfect: Who would’ve thought? This pairing illustrates how the impossible can be made possible. Twenty years ago no one would’ve considered planting vines here. Now the pinot Noir 2015 is proof that wines of elegance and finesse can be produced here. It is paired with a white choc dome filled with litchi and rose ganache, served with dried strawberry. The silky marriage between cocoa butter and Pinot Noir are one of those big secrets whilst the litchi and rose echoes the aromatic qualities of the wine. The pairing celebrates the gentle power of wines made here.
  4. Savoury spells: The word savoury is often misunderstood. It refers to the subtle thread of saltiness that supports the fruit in the wine and adds another flavor dimension. A periwinkle shaped chocolate introduces a creamy ganache with olive crackling, served with a tasting of the Benguela Cove Syrah 2015. The combination lays the foundation for a well-poised wine with a nod to both the ocean and the olive trees that adds character to the farm.
  1. We’re smokin! As genteel the wine from Benguela Cove can be, so can they also portray masculinity with broad shoulders and a solid backbone. The treasure box shaped chocolate is filled with a smoky ganache that adds to the intensity of the Benguela Cove Cabernet Sauvignon while illuminating the dark fruit core.

chocolate winepairing benguela cove sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Chocolate and wine pairing, Benguela Cove

close up chocolate wine benguela cove soniacabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Chocolate and wine together are very fine! Benguela Cove.

About Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate:

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate is a 200 hectare wine estate, only 1 hour from Cape Town International airport in the Walker Bay Wine Region, Hermanus. With the Atlantic Ocean on its door step, the estate is surrounded by the natural Botriver lagoon teeming with fish and birdlife. While being a working farm, Benguela Cove is also a lifestyle estate amidst the mountains, vineyards and olive trees. Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate forms part of the Benguela Collection that includes NomNom Eateries in Somerset West, Lakeside Lodge in Sedgefield and two UK properties – Mannings Heath Wine and Golf Estate and Leonardslee Gardens.

For more about the amazing range of food and wine choices at Benguela Cove, please click here.

About Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate

Situated on the edge of the Bot River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate has become a leading producer of award-winning estate wines. The Benguela Cove range of wines have won several awards and continue to receive raving reviews for its distinct taste. Surrounded by the majestic Palmiet Mountains guests to the estate can dine in the restaurant, enjoy exciting vineyard tours and wine tastings on the lagoon.

A Wine Experience – Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate

Just off the R43 and beyond the streaming row of vineyards is a quaint tasting room situated on the luxury wine farm, Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate. Wine lovers from all over the world flock to this little Walker Bay gem to experience wine tastings, relaxing under shady umbrellas on the lush green lawn, cooled by the ocean breeze.

A breathtaking sunset view over the Bot River Lagoon can intrigue the mind while holding up a red glass of wine and ever so gently tilting it for the sunlight to reflect its vigour. A moment of intrigue is exactly what Tasting Room manager, Emy Matthews want guests to feel. Her belief is wine drinking should be an experience of the senses, not just a sip from a glass. Which is why a sweet and savoury touch is added to this luxury wine tasting experience. Guests are spoiled for choice with cheese, chocolate or a millionaires wine pairing. Each option is then skillfully paired with the estate’s award-winning wine collection.

Sundays are bliss at the Tasting Room as live music performances take centre stage, while guests enjoy cheese and charcuterie boards. Heading down to the Tasting Room on a Sunday afternoon while appreciating the relaxing atmosphere is the best way to wind down your weekend and prepare for the week ahead. The bustle of city life can be daunting and has, therefore, become the goal of the staff to provide an enjoyable, stress-free service to patrons.

If sipping refined wines in beautifully landscaped gardens close to the ocean is your idea of bliss, then make your way to Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate.

choice 4 oysters wine benguela cove sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcaptown
Loaded oysters and wine pairing at Benguela Cove Wine Estate





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