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This blog was born from a genuine desire to share my happy experiences in and around this great city I get to call home – Cape Town. I also post easy everyday recipes from time to time; just click on the EAT category at the top lefthand corner of the home page and scroll down to RECIPES to be taken to all my recipes. There, you’ll also find EAT OUT and COOKBOOK REVIEWS.

DRINK is self-explanatory – everything from tea, coffee, juices, beer, wines, cocktails etc.

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I love food and I love people. Just call me hungry for life! I’m also a real nosey parker and a bit of a chatterbox, always looking for fun and a good story, so of course I love writing about my adventures to share them with you.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

Almost any experience is better with a little something nice to eat, don’t you think? Whether that’s a seaside bench, a packet of salty, vinegary slap tjips and the seagulls for company or a grand gala dinner with a 7-course wine pairing menu at some fancy joint – it’s all good.

As long as there’s something good to eat and something lovely to drink, I’m happy.

There has never been a better time to explore and celebrate food and drink in Cape Town. Just look at what we have: long growing seasons, fantastic produce, incredible alfresco markets, local farms and kitchen gardens, talented cooks and chefs all cooking at the height of their powers, hotels, cafes and restaurants galore.

Add to that a thrilling melting pot of cultures and a population who loves eating and sharing food, and you’ve got an irresistible package.
Oh, and we have wine! Of course. The Cape is awash in wine, some of it actually good enough to serve your friends. KIDDING. Since the first vines were planted in 1655, and the very first drinkable wine in the Cape was made in 1695, there has been a steady growth and improvement and today the Cape produces some of the finest wines to be had on the planet. Sparkling wines, port and fortified wines, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs and nowadays also great craft beers, are all synonymous with the region. Our wine industry is a tourist attraction in its own right.

There’s a real buzz around local cooking and eating now, and that makes me excited to share Cape Town’s food stories with you.

As a greedy devoted lover of food, cooking and eating out who occasionally writes about it, of course I get invited to free meals, launches and events. That’s par for the course, and it would be silly of me not to admit that I get freebies. And I’m glad I do! It often leads to happy new discoveries I would not otherwise have had. And new food friends, too.
I accept some invitations and some not, and when I do enjoy something and rave about it, you can always trust me to be honest. My opinion cannot be bought. Mostly I pay my own way, and I am always thrilled to enjoy something new and special.
I don’t do reviews: I simply share my thoughts, experiences and impressions with you here on my blog.

Cape Town is currently one of the most beautiful, exciting cities on the planet to live in; constantly growing and reinventing itself, it’s a real melting pot of cultures where old meets new with a particular grace and charm. Lively and stimulating, the great diversity of its population and the relative tolerance with which Capetonians live together make it irresistible to open-minded visitors and locals alike. That is why I love living here so much!

Feel free to send me news and updates about your events, launches and special offers – I like sharing them with my readers!

If you are interested in a collaboration for your product or services, you are welcome to contact me to discuss a way we can work to mutual benefit. Sharing is caring!

Contact me at soniacabano2000 at gmail.com

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Sonia Cabano

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Cheers to the good life!


Sonia Cabano lives in Cape Town and works as a professional speaker, freelance cook and food writer.

Her work is characterised by her passion for local food and culture, especially South Africa’s shared culinary heritage, which she eloquently describes:

“South African cooking is a wonderful expression of our lively culture, I think, a rich and powerful stream fed by many diverse tributaries – Dutch, Malay, French, German, British, Jewish, Greek, Portuguese, Indian and African. And all these tastes and flavour-accents can be clearly discerned in our own local culinary language, making South African cuisine a true polyglot with a unique and distinctive voice.”