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Luscious Vegetarian by Sonia Cabano and Jade de Waal. RHS 2012

Luscious Vegetarian

My fourth cookbook is a collaboration with my young niece Jade de Waal, an up-and-coming professional cook, artist and jazz musician.

Sonia and Jade’s enthusiasm for flavourful cooking bursts from every page of Luscious Vegetarian ! This book contains fun and easy-to-make vegetarian recipes, carefully chosen to satisfy the requirements of young professionals, bustling families and health-conscious hedonists alike.

luscious vegetarian cookbook sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Luscious Vegetarian by Sonia Cabano and Jade de Waal. RHS 2012
Smullekker Vegetaries deur Sonia Cabano en Jade de Waal Uitgewers RHS 2012

Using mostly local ingredients, the recipes cover the full range from quick and easy everyday dishes, light bites and simple snacks, through rejuvenation and detoxification with pure foods, to hedonistic feasts for celebrations and deeply satisfying soul food, as well as marvellous bakes and sweet treats. This cookbook is the beginning of an adventurous love affair with vegetarian cooking.”

Contents: Introduction, Quick, Light, Pure, Feast, Relax, Bake, Basic, Index, conversion chart and oven temperatures.

Relish – easy sauces, seasonings and condiments to make at home

This is my own personal favourite book, published by Random House Struik in 2011. The 11 chapters cover everything from seasoned salt, rubs, marinades, spices blends and pastes, pickles and preserves, pasta sauces,infused oils and vinegars, home-made dairy products and more.

If you’re the kind of cook that likes having a larder well-stocked with home-made treats, then this is the book for you.

relish cookbook sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Relish: Easy sauces, seasonings and condiments to make a home. A must for every kitchen!


Capturing and enhancing flavour has preoccupied passionate cooks throughout the ages, and the methods employed are as popular today as ever: salting, pickling, smoking, drying, preserving in brine, alcohol, sugar or oil, or simply seasoning with aromatic rubs, pastes marinades and dressings.  A well-stocked larder speaks of the highest level of a cook’s craft, of knowing how to enhance flavour naturally and how to preserve the fruits of the harvest from one season to the next.’

The recipes in the book embody many years of accumulated knowledge, both my own, through experimentation, and that of others, which they have passed on to me. Some dishes and recipes are seemingly imprinted into my cultural DNA, while others are based on careful research into the work of fellow cooks who are equally filled with a passion a for flavour and for making the most of food.”

Contents: Flavoured salts and sugars, Dry and moist savoury rubs, Marinades, Stocks and sauces, Pasta sauces, Dressings and dips, Spice blends and pastes, Infused oils and vinegars, Home-made dairy products, Pickles and preserves, Condiments and relishes, Index, Bibliography.

Available from bookstores nationwide, as well as Also available in Afrikaans as Pikant. 

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Easy: Simple and Delicious
Easy, Simple and Delicious

My cookbook Easy, Simple and Delicious, published in 2010 by Random House Struik. Available in Afrikaans as Vars, Vinnig, Maklik.

With many easy, economical family favourites as well as vegetarian recipes, it’s divided into four chapters:

Fresh – detox and recharge with easy recipes for everyday vitality. Raw juices; crisp seasonal salads; minty lemon and chilli-grilled halloumi; glorious low-fat low GI vegetarian dishes; sticky cashew chicken; banana nut curry; pizza; sesame grilled crispy tofu and even phyllo pears and honey with dark chocolate chips and slivered almonds.

Fast – Quick and easy gourmet meals for cooks in hurry. Use these recipes for standby favourites you’ll make again and again in 30 minutes or less from stove to table. Crispy hash browns;  chorizo-bean-and-tomato soup with rosemary, garlic and chilli; 20-minute Mediterranean fish soup; Thai fishcakes; chop-chop chicken pies; toad in the hole, spicy lamb pittas with mint and parsley pesto, 11 easy pasta sauces; Asian noodles with ginger, sesame and chilli; ricotta puffs with honey and almonds and so much more!

Lazy – wind down and celebrate the good life with simple, sensuous treats. Nutty rusks; coconut and cranberry granola; sticky chicken wings; slow roast pork belly; masala fish; classic coq au vin; seafood risotto; peri-peri chicken; pastas galore; proper rare roast beef with Yorkshire pudding; lamb curry; lamb shanks with white wine, sweet peppers and balsamic vinegar; creme caramel, chocolate brownies, baklava, tarte tatin and apple strudel to name just some!

Staples – stock up your larder with a cook’s a-z, from basic breads to zesty sauces. White bread, seedloaf, foccaccia, home-made stocks, spice blends, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, sweet chilli sauce and pesto – all easily made at home with affordable, accessible ingredients.

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