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I love a good cause almost as much as I love gin. When they come together? Double win. 

So, gin lovers, line up your glasses and get ready to start pouring, because Saturday 10 June is World Gin Day. 

No, I didn’t know such a thing existed either, but I’m all in favour of it. 

Official Gin for the Win Day?


From the press release: ‘Gin lovers of the world, rejoice as World Gin Day takes place on Saturday 10 June 2017! 

World Gin Day has been running for 9 years globally now, and is a celebration of all joys gineferous. This year, Musgrave Gin sets the standard in South Africa, by encouraging gin-lovers to raise a glass to the occasion. The idea is simple: get people together to enjoy a delicious Musgrave Gin at home, or at any of Musgrave’s partner venues in South Africa.

 What’s happening on 10th June?

If you are in Cape Town, pop into The Stack, The Silo, The Gin Bar or Sundoo by Seelan.

If you are in Durban, swing by Chef’s Table, Delish Sisters or 1904 Bistro Americaine.

Jozi Musgrave Ginthusiasts: pop in at Glenda’s, Hyde Park.

PLUS! Win Gin! If you enjoy a Musgrave Gin at any of our partner venues, or at home, on 10th June, post a photo and tag #MusgraveWorldGinday #WorldGinDaySA #MusgraveMinis to stand a chance to win 6 of the new release 50ml Musgrave Miniatures.

Yep, every handbag should have one!

Hashtags for World Gin Day : #MusgraveWorldGinday #WorldGinDaySA #MusgraveMinis 

Ask for a Musgrave World Gin Day special, each venue will be serving a specialty tipple featuring Musgrave12 Pink Gin or Musgrave11 Original.

What’s on the menu?

The Roadhouse Gin Shake:

Blackberry jam, cream, Musgrave12 Pink Gin and a bit of fizz, guaranteed to get you on your rollerskates!

The Hey Hunny :

Musgrave11 shaken with a honey&nut syrup, teased elegantly with lemon juice and bitters. Finished with a soft foam.

Musgrave12 Signature Pink Gin & Tonic :

A double rosewater infused gin, topped up with Barker & Quin Tonic, garnished with pink peppercorns and thyme. 

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*chin-chin and bottoms up, dahlin’*


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