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It’s not known if Karoline Kristen can part the ocean, but she sure has special powers when it comes to creating vegan cuisine extraordinaire

First, feast your eyes on the photos below, sent to me by the fine folk at Eatsplorer. Then, read about Karoline’s exceptional plant food workshops and book, baby, book! Only R600 a pop for an unforgettable experience. 

You’ve never seen vegan food like this. And that’s a guarantee. 

Photos by Claudia Goedke, Louis Hiemstra, Lana Kenney and Karoline Kristen. 

Who is Karoline Kristen? 

She specialises in creating ‘uplifting cuisine’ with a whole-food, plant-based and natural focus. Made using high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced, seasonal and often foraged, her vegan creations have a whimsical, playful side to them. The goal is not only encouraging folks to be more adventurous in their approach to eating and cooking, but also to inspire them to be more aware of their food choices.

Using food as her creative medium, she hopes to bring a little more magic into people’s lives with her pop-up events, cooking courses and workshops, catering and private dinners in Cape Town and Berlin.

Enough with the lentils and tofu, already! Vegan chef Karoline Kristen is about to blow your mind with her genius gourmet plant-based tapas creations. 

We’re talking mushroom ‘faux gras’ with caramelised onions and porcini powder, watermelon poke with rice paper crisps and sriracha aoli, zucchini and hibiscus blossoms filled with nut ‘feta’ and vanilla and gooseberry preserve…the type of food that’s not only full-on in flavour but easy on the eye and environment, too. The best part? She’s raring to show you how it’s done.

Highlights of Karoline’s Wokshops:

  • Intimate gathering in a beautiful location.
  • Gaining a better appreciation of plant-based cuisine.
  • Learn special culinary techniques and presentation tips.
  • Feast on a beautiful spread of whimsical dishes.
  • Includes coffee and tea, lunch, bubbly, and recipes.


3 – 4 hours (15h00 – sundown)

Scheduled dates:

  • 16 December 2017
  • 13 January 2018
  • 27 January 2018


R600 p.p. (that’s a bargain for such brilliance) 

Min booking of 4 people (max 10)

To book a private experience for any date please send us a booking request (min of 4 people)

Book via 

eatsplorer flavamingo plant-based tapas experience


Did you know you can make creamy, tangy mayonnaise with chickpea liquid? Or that a handful of nuts can be transformed into the most delicious yoghurt and cheese?

Chef Karoline Kristen is here to prove that eating a vegan diet is anything but boring or restrictive if you know how to maximise the amazing flavours and textures of plant-based ingredients.

Karoline, who lives in contempo food capital Berlin, hosts pop-ups, workshops and private dinners focused on vegan cuisine, and comes to Cape Town once a year to share the love. Her popular tapas experience gives new meaning to thinking (and cooking) out of the veggie box. A flavour magician of note, Karoline will show you exactly how to abracadabra the most basic ingredient into haute cuisine.

Think carrots baked in a rooibos-salt crust and marinated until meaty in texture, then served on blinis with mayo and beetroot and gin caviar. And king oyster mushrooms, slivered paper-thin and slow-dried in the oven with cumin and coriander until it becomes the best veggie biltong you never knew you needed in your life. 

You can also look forward to ravioli with almond feta and a pesto of foraged greens, finished off with some edible soil, a sprinkling of pistachio salt and some edible flowers.

While you help Karoline prepare a spread of super-delicious plant-based bites, she’ll share her tips for hosting the best tapas party ever – the kind of shindig where your guests won’t know whether to eat or Instagram their tapas. Once the tapas are all done, you’ll gather around the table with your fellow foodies and tuck in, chat and sip on bubbly or kombucha ‘champagne’ till it’s time to go. 

Blissed out on the great food and even better vibes, you’ll leave with some beautiful sweet treats and a set of recipes to create your own meat-free magic back home.

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