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With Sonia’s birth date approaching, we wish to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who reached out to us during our mourning process. Thankfully, we have completed the acute grieving, and are now moving on with reality with a soft landing. We will continue to celebrate her healthy times when the pervasiveness dissipated. 

When the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ changed to __________.

The median mortality age for this terminal pattern is only 27!!!

And even towards the end, when this pervasive pattern that consumed 99% of her attachment and authenticity she knew, we would never abandon her. She knew we loved her more than her own innate ability to love herself.



It remains tragic. We know… and always knew, about everything and everyone… As confirmed by you, to us, in private, leading up to your exit backstage. From the “predators, to the ongoing obsessive, egocentric, narcissistic, enabling perpetuators. ”

We know who you are. Compassion, connection and love is our family’s definition of spirituality. Religion might be a conduit for some, we respect that, but religion can also be the obstacle to attain attachment and authenticity. We also honour your wishes not to post pictures from your modelling days, due to your private conversations with Guillaume and Sabah. Pictures taken of you, with us, during the last 2 years of your life, are off limits too. Except for snaps taken from a distance, as per your request. 

We thank Sonia for all the Gifts she bestowed upon us, including the painful ones. Our garden carries her carbon. Her spirit will produce beautiful abundant wild lemon trees. We have reserved the space in the golden circle for her, the VIP section of Cinema Cabano. Yep, where the music is the loudest, and the visuals the brightest.

Deon, Guillaume, Sabah.❤️❤️❤️




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