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SWEETLY sugar substitute single serve sachets


So say the good people behind the best new sugar substitute on the market.
Introducing SWEETLY™, a brand-new, South African range of products, focused on sugarless health and wellness. It has been developed by NOMU, and launched in December 2018.

A fresh and truly delicious alternative to traditional sugar, SWEETLY™ is the brainchild of Tracy Foulkes of NOMU and was developed in response to growing, global worries and
concerns around the now widely accepted physical drawbacks with traditional sugar.

On top of delivering convincing sugary flavour to South African consumers along with a host of
other amazing health benefits, SWEETLY™ also suffers none of the usual drawbacks with plant-based sugar alternatives in the past.

But now, with SWEETLY™ perfected, NOMU now had the final, key ingredient desperately needed to put the finishing touches on a much bigger, broader range!
First in the SWEETLY™ range was SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute. This is an exactly 1:1 ratio sugar substitute that looks, smells and tastes just like sugar. Answering the need for an All-Natural and completely plant-based sugar substitute that looks and tastes just like sugar,
SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute does all that and much, much more!

sweetly sugar substitute sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
SWEETLY Sugar Substitute

SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute is completely Xylitol-Free and therefore safe for pets, contains no aspartame or anything else artificial at all. It does not promote tooth decay, has minimum effect on blood glucose levels, is Kosher and Halal certified, endorsed by DIABETES SA and the GI Foundation of SA. Best of all, SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute only has 5 KJ per serving, compared with 80KJ or more in ordinary table sugar!

In your tea or coffee, or sprinkled over French toast, waffles or a fresh summer fruit salad, SWEETLY™ will change your relationship with sugar and sugar substitutes deliciously and forever!

But wait! There’s more!

sweetly protein shake variants sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
SWEETLY Protein Shake variants: Vanilla, Chocolate and Iced Coffee flavours
sweetly protein shakes sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
SWEETLY Protein Shakes in chocolate, iced coffee and vanilla flavours

The SWEETLY™ Protein Shakes are the second product to enter range SWEETLY™ range. Delicious and nutritious, in chocolate, iced coffee and vanilla flavours, this product is jammed full of minerals, rich in fibre and is low in fat.
SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute replaces high quantities of regular sugar often found in other protein shakes, to deliver an extremely nutritious product. The SWEETLY™ Protein Shakes were developed to serve a healthy dose of nutrition to the entire family, especially for on-the-go kids too busy to get all they need out of every meal. Sold in 450g tins or handy single-serve sachets, Sweetly Protein Shakes will rock your world.

This is a real South African Innovation First in food and nutrition. SWEETLY™, unlike almost all other sugar replacements, really achieves what it sets out to do and, much like the brand stable it comes from, is as committed to complete customer satisfaction and an absolute guarantee on flavour and quality at all times.
Please free to contact them for further details.
T: +27 21 386 2000 E:

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SWEETLY Baking Sugar Substitute

Finally, the most recent addition is SWEETLY™ Baking Sugar Substitute. To all of us who can’t resist a cupcake, this deliciously sweet solution to the world of sugarless baking is exactly what we have all been looking for. SWEETLY™ Baking Sugar Substitute is diabetic-friendly and hosts all the benefits of SWEETLY™ Sugar Substitute but also opens an entirely new and delicious world of sugarless baking to everyone yearning for an effective, functional, tasty alternative to ordinary sugar in all their baking. The SWEETLY™ Baking Sugar Substitute comes with a host of recipes that can be found on their website,

sweetly baking sugar substitute sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
SWEETLY baking sugar substitute
sweetly baking sugar substitute bowl sonia cabano blog eatdrinkcapetown
Baking made easy and healthier with SWEETLY Baking Sugar Substitute

Please free to contact SWEETLY for further details.
T: +27 21 386 2000 E:

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On the go with Sweetly Protein Shakes

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