It was an incredibly hot, spring afternoon with a South Easter just about a-brewing when a delicious temptation arrived at my doorstep. A salty, sweet, and creamy Coco Rico Liqueur package was waiting for me with my name written on it – quite literally!


Not only did I dive into a glass with many ice cubes, but I managed to share an immersive drinking experience with my brother, father, and mates. My goodness – what a savour. The nuances as well as contours to the coconut and salted caramel flavours truly melted on my palate, with a certain lightness with the sweet aftertaste. We had to share the experience with a dinner outside just to add ambience to the playful playlist selected by the Coco Rico team themselves.


If you’re looking for a way to drink paradise on ice, then look no further than Coco Rico. It’s light in its alcohol percentage (about 15%) and comes in an easy-on-the-eye cool blue and white packaged bottle. Even better, if you’re in a bind and don’t wish to splurge on a heavy sipping drink for the night at pre’s, add this to a clean glass with ice. You won’t regret it.


For more details, follow our Instagram page for more about the Coco Rico experience. Using the hashtag #ParadiseOnIce, you can share what makes YOUR Coco Rico drinking experience optimal. Keep yours eyes peeled on their page – you might just get reposted!

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