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It’s no secret that the Black Rhino, one of the most majestic and legendary animal species to walk this earth, is severely endangered. It’s critical status is that of utmost social concern – yet, very little response is initiated from media prompts. Three subspecies of rhino have gone extinct since the 1970s. For a comparison, human population increases by just under 1% annually (Roser, Ritchie, Ortiz-Ospina; 2019). That’s a whole lot of baby-making.


While the Black Rhino remains a gigantic sight to see for many, the size of the living population is minute in comparison. With little around 5 000 left roaming, this population has been under intense surveillance against poaching as of 20 years ago. Nature conservation teams as well as efforts from various organisations, politicians, captains of industry, and celebrities with influence have greatly contributed to the protection of rhinos, yet a remainder of the responsibility is shifted unto the shoulders of the general public – now, here is where it gets tricky.


As everything goes in this world, the concerted efforts of protecting the Black Rhino needs funding. And this is where extraordinary needs ordinary. It takes everyone, from brands to the public, to pull together and assist in the fight to save our heritage.


It is one of the reasons why leading local producers, Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company, released their Cape Town Black Rhino Gin early this year. Not only does it keep this critically important social issue top of mind, but it also gives the consumers a mechanism to donate to the cause through every bottle purchased. Large donations have already been pledged in 2022 following the success of The Cape Town Black Rhino Gin.


Another reason Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company added this latest varietal to their award-winning portfolio of gins is because it just made sense. Everything they do is with heart. All they produce is with purpose, and all they sell, give back to South Africa.


So, this Heritage Day and Rhino Day, raise a glass of The Cape Town Black Rhino Gin, celebrate with family and friends, and cheers to the true icons of Africa, our majestic rhinos.


A cocktail recipe to try for Heritage and Rhino month.



  • 25ml Cape Town Black Rhino Gin
  • 75ml Indian tonic
  • 25ml ginger ale
  • 1 orange slice (fresh or dried)
  • Black peppercorns
  • Sprig of mint (optional)
  • Ice



  1. Pour the gin into the glass of your choice and top up with ice.
  2. Add the tonic and the ginger ale, and garnish with orange slice and peppercorns.
  3. Stir gently.
  4. For a fresh taste, you can add a sprig of mint.

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